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hi! I'm brittney,

The author and creator of not one, but two little blogs here on the world wide web. 

First of all, thank you for joining me here, and second, I hope you enjoy what you find.


I have curated this lifestyle blog with the intent of cultivating a feel-good, motivational space where you can expect to find lifestyle tips, organization ideas, girl boss inspiration, and hopefully some great resources to help you realize and live your best life...or at least enjoy escaping from the hustle and bustle here a bit. 


I've had quite the journey when it comes to blogging. My first official "Fab Philosophy Blog" was created in 2014 and centered mostly around fashion and travel; (two of my greatest passions at the time.)


My love for fashion and travel of course still remain, but as time has passed and I've grown, so have my interests. 

After what I like to call my "personal blog hiatus" for 3 years, in October of 2017 the burning desiring to share my passions with the world and write daily ignited once again, and I launched my style blog Brittney Blane. I've jumped back in with both feet and it feels oh so good. Like coming home in a sense. 

I feel like saying I'm excited about the new and improved Fab Philosophy Blog would be a complete understatement because I'm more than just excited. I'm pee your pants, over the moon, five-year-old at Disney with an unlimited supply of cotton candy hanging with Mickey and the gang all day excited. Too much?? When it comes to passion, I think not!

 So here's to this little journey we call life. May we live it fully with wide-eyes and an open heart. 

xo, brit

(curious as to why I took that little hiatus? You can read all the details here. Fair warning: it's a bit emotional and extremely personal.)

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